Motivation Myth
Motivation Myth

Motivation Myth

“Motivation is like a daily bath, if you stop doing it you begin to stink !!

Just think upon it that “Did somebody guided you as to how you should talk to yourself ?? Though you were told during your childhood days how to greet others and wish them etc.”

If I ask you this question – “Do you think you are accomplishing something in your life ?“. As a human tendency, you tend to think as of now you are struggling to survive in this pandemic time, forget about accomplishing something 🙂

If I now ask you another question- “Do you think you are struggling in the current phase of your life ??“. You will start thinking about all the struggles in terms of health, career, personal life and relationships, and whatnot.

If you see the difference the moment you thought struggle it painted a picture with pain as you were able to find so many reasons which you have been struggling with and the very next moment when you thought about an accomplishment you started feeling good but at the same time, it became so hard to really find what you are accomplishing.

I hope this article might motivate you for some time, but that motivation will not last for more than two hours.

When you see any motivational talk, read an article, or when you take a jump in that external motivation, you get engrossed in the talk of that motivational speaker, who tells you to take better control of your life, you can accomplish it, you can start reading books, etc. But after few hours your brain again starts telling you – “What rubbish !! You are not supposed to think like that, you are meant to stay in the same old comfort zone“.  

Why doesn’t external motivation last ?? Why do you again dwell upon the same old programming even after taking that motivation bath for extensive 2 hours ??

The answer to the above question would be that any progress towards accepting, believing in, and acting upon those external motivational talks, is first filtered through your previous programming and old mind conditioning.

Now rethink upon the questions phrased at the beginning of this article about struggle and accomplishments and replace struggle with accomplishments. Because without struggle there cannot be any accomplishment.

It’s not the problem with the motivational speaker or that article, it’s the problem with your old self-talk which drags you again into the same old zone which you are comfortable with.

To get those bigger changes in your life, you have to make one important change within yourself. Any guesses what important change you need to do ? ? Yes you have to learn how to talk to yourself.

Motivation is a word that means:- “To put into motion.“

The words can only be put into motion and that too to work in your favor when you change your old self talk to new positive self-talk. 

Few things to remember:-

  1. Keep a tab on your self talk , what words or vocabulary you are using while you are continously talking to yourself.
  2. External motivation will not last, unless you change your self-talk to a new self-talk.
  3. The biggest motivator for you is your own internal coach who is your strongest believer. It’s upto you what you want you inner self to create for you good or bad.

Any thoughts, hope you will be motivated after reading this but not more than 2 hours 🙂

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