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Ascend Your Peak!

Ascend Your Peak!

You’ve probably heard of Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to ascend the peak of Mount Everest in 1984. Even after this monumental achievement, Pal continued to lead expeditions in the mountain ranges. She carried out relief and rescue operations for flood victims in northeast India in 2013. She’s also written a book titled, Everest: My Journey To The Top.

If we look at Pal’s life, she kept her passion alive throughout her life. Similarly, many successful people continue to learn and challenge themselves. They don’t stop after one achievement. This continuous journey of exploring new horizons is what we call “Ascend Your Peak”.

It’s important to have a direction in life but it’s even more important to follow the right path. Our “Ascend Your Program” will help you find the right balance between personal development and professional growth. You’ll learn how to confidently express your future ideas and aspirations.

Here are the highlights of things you will get in AYP –

  • You will get group mentoring session from our Club Coach Vinit once a week
  • You will get to participate in one of our Personal Growth Clubs where you can share and implement the learnings of group mentoring.
  • You will get personal communication mentoring from one of our Coach
  • You will get access to one of the Premium member’s Facebook group

Here are some snapshots of our programs –

Here are few testimonials of some of our Students of #UnlimitedPotentialInside, who benefited from AYP program –

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