Are you resilient enough?
Are you resilient enough?

Are you resilient enough?

During this pandemic majority of the people face critical life situations. They lost their jobs, lost loved ones, financial crisis, etc. In turn, a few got depressed, a few fought with their spouse, and extremity was few committed suicides.

Not only this pandemic, did you face any adverse situations at any time in your life? How much time it took you to bounce back to your normal state. The faster you got into your normal more Resilient you are.

The Resiliency of the body or mind developed over a period. In the case of the mind, it entirely depends on your environment.   

What do I mean by the environment here? Let me explain. Students chase for the best professional institutes (like IIT, IIM, or AIMS)? What is so unique, it’s the association, think tank, discipline, friends you make, things you discuss which make them more competitive, isn’t it? Overall, it’s the environment.   

But just after you get into a job, your environment is not controlled or managed, as you get the freedom to do things that you enjoy doing. Just reflect, what we do after our job hours, with whom we meet and what we discuss. Are they adding any value to our life?   

Like, the way we enjoy having junk food, but later we realize the impact. The same applies to the mind. We like to gossip, pulling others’ legs, talking about politics, and scandals that we can’t do anything about, which reduces our Resiliency.   

So it’s essential to manage your environment. I was reading the book “Magic of thinking big” and found some ways to do that.  

First, avoid people who tell you, you can’t do that, this, etc. They always find fault in everything.  

Second, seek advice from people who are successful in the area where you want to be. Avoid freelancer advisor.   

Third, get into the right kind of group and meet with different people. How to detect the right type?   

· People who talk about growth.   

· Friends who breathe encouragement into your plans and ideals   

#peakimpactmentorship could be one such association where you get all these.   

Maybe you have not been impacted by this pandemic or any adverse situations in your life. Still, you never know what happens in the future. Now it’s your turn to decide whether to develop your Resiliency or continue to do what you enjoy doing.   

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