Are you worried about this COVID situation?
Are you worried about this COVID situation?

Are you worried about this COVID situation?

A bird doesn’t need to take lessons in nest-building. Nor does it need to take classes in navigation. Yet, they travel miles to reach their best-suited place based on weather conditions. These are possible because every animal has built-in success instincts.

Now, the question is, Are we human beings only strive towards survival?

When I started my career, I was not very comfortable speaking to people, especially in English. My self-image was that I could never talk in English fluently. As time passed, I started engaging in meetings, began discussing with clients, and started managing teams.

If I retrospect, I could make out that I could overcome all of those challenges because somewhere in my mind, I felt that I couldn’t survive or be left behind in this job market or this company if I don’t grow myself. Just like the tiger who chases a bunch of deers, and they run for their lives and run faster than each other.

Maxwell Maltz says just like animals, we also have success instinct, which is much more marvelous & complex to do many more great things beyond survival.

We can set our “goals,” while animals have “preset” goals. We have “Creative Imagination,” which we can use to do things that we are passionate about and at the same time making an impact on society.

Remember, friends, survival is automatic, and you don’t have to do much for that, whether that’s COVID or job recession. They look difficult just because we never thought beyond survival. So retrospect & make a decision, how you want to lead your life. After I joined “Peak Impact Mentorship” & “Unlimited Potential Inside”, I could discover my passion and set my goals. It doesn’t mean I ignored the survival strategies; instead kept them on cruise mode and started working towards my dream.

As Sadhguru says, “Anything beyond survival will not enter your life unless you strive for it; what is needed for survival opens up naturally.”

What are your thoughts?

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