Servo-Mechanism in Action!
Servo-Mechanism in Action!

Servo-Mechanism in Action!

Has anyone heard the story of Ekalavya from the epic Mahabharata? Most of us, I think.

Ekalavya was able to master archery skills without a Guru (trainer). How was he able to do that? Few say that it’s because of GOD’s blessings, sheer practice, etc. Somehow I was not convinced with these generalized concepts. After attending a #PeakImpactMentorship workshop and reading a few books, I came across some amazing concepts and connected the dots.

Alex Morrison is one of the well-known golf trainers in the world. He came up with an amazing technique known as “Seven Morison Keys.” According to that, golf represents 90% of mental, 8% physical, and 2% mechanical side. The core of the system is, you must have a clear mental picture of the correct shot you want to play and the result – “see” the ball going where you wanted it to go. With that, the subconscious mind takes over and direct your muscle accordingly.

What’s the reasoning behind it? Our brain, nervous system, and muscular system act as “servo-mechanism.” An automatic goal-seeking machine that “steers” its way to a target or goal by using feedback data and stored information, automatically correcting course when necessary. This thing works like magic, as it worked for Ekalavya.

Ekalavya made the same setup for Pandavas for their practice so that his visualization would be detailed enough; even he made a statue of Dronacharya (Guru – Trainer). With his clear goal and exact mental picture, his internal “servo-mechanism” made him better than Arjuna’s archery skill.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your emotional goal, visualize and see the servo-mechanism in action by yourself. There is a powerful saying, “God has created us to be a Victor, not a Victim”


Thank You!

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