Are you not able to pursue your passion?
Are you not able to pursue your passion?

Are you not able to pursue your passion?

Certain mental cobwebs clutter the mind of almost every one of us, including the most intelligent minds. It can be negative habits, negative feelings, negative passions, negative beliefs, etc. When we get entangled in this cobweb, like an insect in the spider’s web, we struggle to get free. And the worse part is that the more we struggle, the more we are trapped. Insects cannot avoid being caught in the spider’s web and getting free, but the good news is that we can. We can avoid mental cobwebs, we can sweep them away as they even begin to develop with accurate thinking.

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In my childhood, I loved eating small Soya chunks. One day at a restaurant, I was served a large soya kebab and I hated them. I understood then and there that I hate large Soya kebab and I will NEVER eat it again. When in Bangalore, I didn’t find a small soya chunk dish in any restaurant’s menu until I found a very good restaurant named “The Dhaba”. I asked if they had small soya chunks, he said “No Sir, but our Soya kebabs are small and much more delicious than small soya chunks”. I was a bit skeptical but I ate it. And I enjoyed them so much that I became their regular customer just for this dish

On analyzing it, I found that my conclusions about the large soya kebab were based on the wrong context. It wasn’t the size or form of the soya that made it distasteful. It was the fact that the Soya kebab I had eaten for the first time was not fresh. My mental cobweb prevented me from thinking accurately since I started with the wrong context. Many people think inaccurately when they allow all-embracing word symbols to clutter up their minds in the wrong context. Words or expressions such as: always—only—never—nothing—every—everyone—no one—can’t—impossible—either … or—are most frequently just a wrong context.

Are you not able to pursue your passion? Are you not able to start something that you actually want to start?

Maybe that might have to do with the mental cobweb too! 

Do check it ;). Would love to hear from you!

Thank you!

N.b. – My learnings from the book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by #NapoleonHill

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