How to Outgrow your Self-Image
How to Outgrow your Self-Image

How to Outgrow your Self-Image

Dr Maltz says: “A person cannot rise above how he sees himself

How do you define yourself ?? How does your belief system is formed ??

There might be such incidents which left a scar in your mind, Are you able to overcome those scars or they are still haunting you ??

What is that LID that is putting barrier on your unlimited potential ??

What is a Self Image ??

a) Mental and spiritual picture of a person which holds real key to his personality and behaviour

b) Your self belief about yourself

c) Its the diff b/w success and failure ,diff b/w love and hatred, diff b/w happiness and bitterness

Dr Maxwell maltz has shared a great experience which he had while performing plastic surgery of his various patients. Being a plastic surgeon he wrote a book on psychology named as Psycho-Cybernetics. He shares that lot of his patients went through plastic surgery but still felt inadequate and had same inferiority complex as they were struggling with before surgery.

The nonphysical face of their personality was still distorted, scarred, ugly, inferior and due to that, the person will still be in the same zone of inferiority complex regardless of the change in physical personality or his facial looks.

Reconstruction of the physical image itself was not the real key to bring changes in personality. Positive thinking indeed works when it is consistent with the individual’s self-image.

How to come out of your self-image?

1 .  Self- Acceptance – It will come only when you believe in yourself that these are my strengths and these are my weakness.

2.  Conviction – It will come only when you trust your own ability to come out of your old self-image. If you can overcome your previous/past failures, you can overcome those scars which you have experienced in past.

3. No guilt feeling in your life –  Coming out of guilt doesn’t mean you are running away from your responsibility. You have to take responsibility that I have to change my self-image, to outgrew my image or to change the non-physical face of my personality.

Dr. Maltz has mentioned such great facts so profoundly that unless we reconstruct that inner self or we change our self-image till that time we cannot grow in our life.

No matter how positive you are about a particular situation, it wouldn’t be beneficial unless you change your own self-image or outgrow your self-image.

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