Polite, Happy & Thank you
Polite, Happy & Thank you

Polite, Happy & Thank you

Once upon a time there was a very well end unpleasant crook who only ever thought about how to get money. Seeing anyone happy bothered a crook enormously. What he hated most was when people were polite and courteous an each other. saying things like please and thank you, and don’t mention it. It annoyed him even more if they were smiling when they said these things.

The crook thought all those kinds of words were a useless waste and weren’t good for anything. So what he did was spend a lot of time inventing the machine that could steal words, he planned to steal “please”, “thank you”, “don’t mention it”, and similar words people used to be polite. He was convinced that no one would he had stolen these words, he intended to take them apart and sell the letters to book publishers.

After he started up his machine, people would open their mouths, intending to say kind and polite things, but nothing came out. All those words ended up inside the big machine. Just as the crook had hoped, in the begin nothing happened. It looked like people really didn’t need to be polite after all. However, after a while, people started to feel like they were always in a bad mood, doing everything reluctantly, and feeling like everyone else was being forever demanding of them. So, within a few days, everyone was angry and arguing over the slightest little thing.

The crook was terribly happy with his success, but he didn’t count on a couple of very special little girls. Those girls were deaf, and had to communicate using sign language. Now because the machine couldn’t steal gestures, these girls continued being kind and polite. soon they realised what had been happening to everyone else, and they found out about the crook and his wicked plan. The girls followed him to his hideout on the top of a hill next to the sea. There they found the enormous machine busy separating all the words into letters. The crook had gone to take a nap, so the girls crept up to the machine and started being polite and courteous to each other.

” Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you. Not because they are nice but because you are”

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