Power of Belief!
Power of Belief!

Power of Belief!

Can you imagine jumping from the mountain and flying beyond the mountain’s altitude?

Peter Salzmann from Austria was able to achieve that after building a WINGSUIT with the help of BMW engineers. Though he was a skydiver by profession he had a strong belief he can build the wingsuit which will help him to FLY.

If you have a strong belief that I-can-do-it then you will figure out how-to-do-it.

On the other hand, DISBELIEF produces negative power and supports reason to prove them correct

From the book, “Magic of thinking Big” I got some tips by which we can utilize the power belief.

  1. Think Success, Don’t Think Failure – When you face a difficult situation, replace your automatic negative thinking with positive thoughts. Rather than thinking “I will probably lose” think “I will win”.
  2. Remind Yourself Regularly that You Are Better than You Think You Are
  3. Believe Big – The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. If you want to think of great ideas or ways of doing things, you first have to believe it’s possible.

A very short explanation of the whole concept : “Think Doubt and Fail. Think Victory & Succeed.”

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