Why success mantras doesn’t work ?
Why success mantras doesn’t work ?

Why success mantras doesn’t work ?

When we watch a motivational video, we get fired up & motivated for few hours, few days or weeks. After few days we even don’t realize & comes to our normal way.

Why this happens ?

Before I answer, I want to share a story : Once a man visited to Doctor, he said doctor I am not able to remember things . Doctor said “I can cure it, but you have follow the guideline strictly”. He gave some medicine and guideline was “not to think of white elephant while taking the medicines”.

Guess, what would have happened to that person !

Every day, 60 thousands thoughts come to our mind and on an average 70% of them are negative.

“I am not that smart”, “I am not good at that”, “That’s not for me & many more”. Motivational videos or any success rules doesn’t work because of these negative self-talks.

Our Brain is a bio chemical computer. Even scientists, expert developed AI(Artificial Intelligence) & ML(Machine Learning) by studying the brain functioning. Like to make AI & ML work effectively work,  it requires right kind of data & algorithm; Our brain doesn’t need algorithm, god has already implanted them; what it needs is right set of data.

The brain simply believes what you tell it most. It has no choice. It is not only what you tell to yourself, it’s also what others tells to you. So your self-talk should be dominant enough to override other’s views.

It isn’t the PEN, it’s the WRITER. It isn’t the ROAD, it’s the RUNNER that counts.

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