What is the Price You Can Pay for Your Success?
What is the Price You Can Pay for Your Success?

What is the Price You Can Pay for Your Success?

Everyone wanted to know about the success of world badminton champion P V Sindhu, and so do I.

Sindhu was born to national-level volleyball players hence had the right ASSOCIATION since childhood. But she chose badminton after the success of Pullela Gopichand in 2001 at ‘All England Open Badminton Championship’ when she was just 8 years old. Her parents got her enrolled in Gopichand’s academy, making Gopichand her coach and MENTOR. She found her PURPOSE there to become a world champion.

Gopichand’s word became law with Sindhu. She followed his instructions blindly. She practised more than 12 hours a day for the last 16 years. She SACRIFICED her favourite foods, chocolates and Hyderabadi biryani, did not use her phone for several months before the championship, as per her mentor’s instructions.

On the face of it, it looked like a glamorous story of world champion Sindhu but after digging in her journey, it turned out to be a journey of bruised knees, rigorous routine, and sacrifice.

In the words of P V Sindhu, “Nothing is impossible in sport, or for that matter in any field if we put in the hard work. There should not be any inhibitions once you set goals for yourself. Come what may stay focused and one day you will be there”.

I learned from Sindhu that we can be successful anywhere if we have access to the right Association (A) and Mentorship (M). With the right association and mentor, we can find our real Purpose (P). And then we just need to be ready for all the Sacrifices (S) it asks for.

So for me, the price of SUCCESS = A.M.P.S.

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