Who is a winner – Goals or Habits?
Who is a winner – Goals or Habits?

Who is a winner – Goals or Habits?

This year I have a wonderful goal to lose 10kgs in 3 months.
Or I make sure to get promoted.
Or I will find the love of my life.

However, we don’t have any basis or foundation for setting that goal.
And if we don’t achieve the goal, we label ourselves a failure.

Rather than setting goals, take some action daily:

  • I will workout daily
  • I will gather feedback on all my projects, even if they might not be positive
  • I will be genuinely interested in people and say hi to every new person I meet

Over time, the need for action will be replaced by addiction to acting.

Goals can make you look like a winner or a loser.
Habits only have winners!


  1. Rajesh

    I am agree with you but I think we will also have to set the goals to achieve it. Without aim our work will be useless but 100% agree with you what you have written about daily actions.

    1. Vartika Gupta

      Thanks for your genuine feedback sir, highly appreciate it! I agree with you that goals are concrete part, but without actionable habits, they become useless. So that’s my thought can we achieve goals without habits, NO. Therefore the winner is the one who has actionable habits and yes goals will always be the concrete part. Keep motivating 😇🙏🏻

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