Be a Kind REBEL!
Be a Kind REBEL!

Be a Kind REBEL!

Most of the time, it is a difficult task to convince your parents.
You want to explore. Your parents want you to settle down. They want you to follow all set social norms, sometimes the most ridiculous and non-existent ones.

No matter how much you try, things aren’t moving.

However, here’s a fact:
Our parents want exactly the same thing as we do: Our Happiness.
Their proposed path may be different, intentions aren’t.

If we try to listen to them and explain our perspectives, things will most likely change directions.
If they don’t despite you showing your happiness, financial freedom, and others’ examples, perhaps you need to move out.

Do either.
But don’t let dissatisfaction live in your heart, where your parents should. Sometimes being a REBEL is good!


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