Is Wealth Creation the root of all evil?
Is Wealth Creation the root of all evil?

Is Wealth Creation the root of all evil?

My friend Ranjeet was one of the most intelligent and hardworking people I had seen in my childhood. He had all the ingredients to become a big wealth creator. I met him last week during my visit to Delhi. He said he now got settled in his teaching job and is also doing freelancing paid tuitions. Whatever spare time he gets, he enjoys roaming around with friends or watching web series on his big television. Finally, he said, “but it’s still very frustrating to live this regular lower-middle-class life.” I asked, “Why don’t you leverage your spare time and do something you are passionate about in that time”. And he replies “Money is the root of all evil, and I don’t want to run after it”. What a contradiction?

Is Wealth Creation the root of all evil? Is Money evil? 

But let me confess, even I have been trapped in this thought process for so many years. Rather, I used to feel like Buddha, the great renouncer, in thinking so. But ‘Karmyoga’ of Vivekananda shattered my belief in it. 

Vivekananda says – “Buddha gave up his throne and renounced his position, that was true renunciation, but there cannot be any question of renunciation in the case of a beggar who has nothing to renounce”.

In other words, if I am a successful wealth creator and then renounce, it’s a great deed, but if I try to deceive myself into the belief that I’m actuated by motives of the highest act by not even putting any efforts to work on my potential, its laziness, an act of cowardice.

Some of our famed wealth creators like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, Ashim Premji, and many others acquired great wealth. They have established Foundations which even to this day have in the aggregate in $410 billion (in 2017 according to Giving USA). This money is exclusively for charitable, spiritual, healthcare, and educational purposes.

So, is this money good or still evil?

In the words of another famed wealth creator Mike Benedum’s philosophy about money went something like this: “I’m just a trustee for the money I have and will be held accountable for the good I can accomplish with it, both in the community as a whole and on behalf of opportunities for people coming up—even as I was given an opportunity, back when.”

It’s necessary to clear the cobwebs from our thinking regarding wealth creation and not to become lazy, coward, or indifferent. Wealth creation or money is not evil but selfishness, meanness, and corruption towards earning or spending the money are evil acts.

For me now, all the efforts put towards wealth creation is a social service and contributes to nation-building! How about you? Would love to hear your thoughts on this and learn more!

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